Quiron II Property

Value PropositionAcquired 100% ownership of the Quiron ll lithium property in one of the world's best location of lithium enrichment and within South American Lithium Triangle.
PropertyQuiron ll lithium property cover an area of 2,421 hectares.
LocationWithin Pocitos Salar, Province of Salta, Argentina. The Project is located approximately 7 km South East of Millennial Lithium – Southern Lithium JV Cruz Lithium Project and 12 km Northeast from the Liberty One Lithium Corp. Pocitos West Project.


According to Hydrogeologist Dr. Garcia (Garcia et al. 2016) The Project Area of Quiron II lies on the intersections of two aquifer systems: Incahuasi River and Salar de Pocitos. The same were detected to intersect underneath within sediments of very low resistivity below the alluvial fan at 65-70 meters depth.


Robl’s descriptions on hydrothermal alteration (Robl et al. 2009) in El Quevar Volcano Complex, the area depict the existence of active and inactive thermal emanations with high values of boron, chloride, lithium and bicarbonate that could drain westwards enriching the Salar trough the Quiron Property.


The excellent location of the Property in terms of infrastructure is due to the fact that the Belgrano Cargas rail line Ramal 14 (connecting Estacion de Pocitos with the Chilean deep water port of Antofagasta) main provincial road N° 17 to access the Puna high voltage electricity line and high-pressure gas pipeline are going through the property, allowing exploration and future production activity to occur without any significant holdups.

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